About Us

Speak Up is a global movement which aims to break the silence on wrongdoing at work.

Speak Up is incorporated in the United Kingdom and Malaysia, offering services on the ground and online through our consultants in Europe, North America and Asia.


How We Started

Speak Up began as seed of an idea as lawyer Animah Kosai wondered…

“why don’t people speak up when they know about wrongdoing at work?”

This didn’t just exist in the cases she handled. This was happening in Malaysia where she worked at the time (think 1MDB!) and worldwide (think Jimmy Saville, Weinstein, Volkswagen, Wells Fargo).

Having implemented safe space circles in her workplace after rolling out whistleblowing policies, channels and training, Animah took the brave leap of leaving her safe and comfortable job in Kuala Lumpur, to form Speak Up At Work in London offering services to organisations who want to improve their Speak Up Culture.

In 2020 as the Covid-19 lockdown began, she and US psychiatrist Kernan Manion joined forces to form Speak Up Academy where they brought together passionate thought leaders and change makers from six continents who had pondered that very same question.

In 2020, Animah joined forces with Emellia Shariff and Shakirah Rahman to form Speak Up Malaysia.

Our Philosophy

Imagine a world where individuals can speak freely without fear of reprimand or retaliation; while leaders have the ability to address risks before things get out of hand. We believe that this is achievable, one organisation at a time, through the speak up philosophy.

We believe in a human-based approach in empowering employees at all levels to speak up when they see something that may harm the organisation, while providing leaders with the tools to listen to these voices and act on the risks identified. This creates a culture where ideas and concerns are expressed, supported and addressed in the best way possible.


Who We Serve

We believe our biggest impact is in the corporate world – the emerging responsible corporate citizen. Indeed most of our team are from the corporate world. We know that corporate leaders and employees do make the right and ethical decisions but sometimes face dilemmas and conflicting pressures. We know too the risks that rogue employees pose and the harm they cause when enabled. With our global think tank, we can understand the underlying causes and how to resolve them.

We work with corporate leaders (board members and C-Suite executives) and change makers (managers, heads of Compliance, Risk, Audit, HR, HSE, Legal, D&I and similar functions) who are committed to creating workplaces which are psychologically safe as well as meeting strong governance standards.