Animah Kosai and Kernan Manion MD Discuss the Dynamics Behind Sexual Harassment in Organisations


On 29 November, Kernan and I gave a webinar on Confronting Sexual Harassment in Your Organisation. With the flood of #MeToo stories being shared around the world, we had found that people were feeling overwhelmed.

Our webinar tackles several points:

  • What is sexual harassment really, and its gradations
  • How pervasive is sexual harassment and what happens if you ignore it
  • The dynamics between the harasser and victim, and how the organisation enables harassment (often unintentionally)
  • What organisations and individuals can do to change the narrative and help address sexual harassment

Here is the full webinar. The first 10 minutes is a lead up chat before we get into the topic itself. We talk sexual harassment in politics. Hmmm.


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