Our Courses, Circles & Masterclasses

We want to make a real difference in supporting learners as they apply what they have learnt from our courses. Our courses are designed to be practical to apply at work during the course. The live interaction with instructors and peers helps learners get instant feedback. After the course ends, continued membership of Speak Up Academy allows learners to engage with their cohort and other change makers. This motivates them as they implement change within their organisation.

Here’s a sample of our upcoming masterclasses, circles and courses:

Authentic Leadership Amidst Uncertainty

Those who lead others in organisations – from CEOs and C-suite executives through middle management, supervisors and team leaders – grapple with an often conflicting internal dialog that necessarily accompanies leadership. Many outside of leadership may hold a view that leaders “always have the answers” and that their vision and reasoning processes are linear and clear. Of course, this creates false expectations, both in the followers and in the leaders themselves. This course is about naming that paradox and navigating the challenge that leaders face. It’s an opportunity within a safe space to remind each other of key principles of leadership and communication and to share the uncertainties and binds that one confronts in their role.

A 6-Week Circle-Course
Every Tuesday
8am – 930am (ET)
27 Oct 2020 – 1 Dec 2020

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Assessing Corruption Risks

Corruption Risk Assessments are an invaluable part of strong anti-corruption and bribery efforts and establish the basis for identifying and reporting an organisation’s vulnerable spots by providing early detection and quick action. This enables boards to get behind efforts to stamp out corruption and save millions.

In this virtual and interactive masterclass, our experts, Grant Griffiths and Animah Kosai explain risk assessment within a corruption context, and guide you on how to identify, assess and mitigate corruption risks for your organisation.

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Coming Soon

Emotional Intelligence

Kernan Manion MD a physician who specialised in adult psychiatry and trauma guides us through what goes on inside us as we make sense of the world around us. Vital for leaders and people who make decisions that impact their organisations, people and community.


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