21 September 2020

Some months ago, one of our Speak Up Academy members asked “How do you intervene if you feel that a co-worker is being sexually harassed at an industry cocktail function?

Should you do anything, or just mind your own business and turn away?

Since then, numerous questions came forward both in Speak Up Academy and on discussions we’ve had on social media.

“How do I tell a colleague in a meeting I believe they just made a racist remark?”

“What’s the best way to intervene if I witness an unsafe practice that could harm a fellow worker or perhaps recipients of our products or services?”

We often hear “But HR and management will retaliate if I speak up!” or “I’ll feel like a fool.”

In the first half of this 90 minutes webinar, our Speak Up Academy sexual harassment expert Betty Yeoh shares best practices for responding to such all-too-common situations. And in the latter half, we’ll have generous time for rich dialog with our attendees.

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August 2020

10 August 2020

Online, 2pm BST, 9am EDT (90 mins). Speak Up Voices

From Speak Up Academy, co-founders Animah Kosai and Kernan Manion MD co-host a Speak Up Voices group discussion where we:

  • Invite you to share and listen to your perspectives on healthy and toxic organisational cultures.
  • Explore what makes organisations exemplars of health or, conversely, what feeds their toxicity?
  • Dive into what health and toxicity looks and feels like

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24 August 2020

Online, 2pm BST, 9am EDT, 9pm KL (90 mins). Speak Up Spotlight Panel

Our panel of experts, Michael Banks, Carita Nyberg, Linda Crockett and Kernan Manion shine the spotlight on:

  • Organisational culture and how it shapes healthy and unhealthy workplaces
  • Indicators that an organisation is toxic, turning toxic or has pockets of toxicity.
  • Strategic interventions.

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27 August & 4 September

Speak Up Academy Masterclass on Assessing Corruption Risks

In this virtual and interactive masterclass, our experts, Grant Griffiths and Animah Kosai explain how managing risks and conducting effective risk assessments within a corruption context can transform your approach to:

  • managing corruption
  • enhancing corporate value
  • improving organisational governance and assurance

This masterclass guides you on how to identify, assess and mitigate corruption risks for your organisation and across your supply chain and third party relationships. More details here, or download form: Corruption Risks Assessment Masterclass by Speak Up Academy