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As a Change Maker

If you:

  • Work in HSE, Compliance, Audit, Risk or Legal and feel frustrated that people merely pay lip service to the organisations rules and policies,
  • Are trying to implement programmes towards a safer and more ethical organisation but face resistance, even among senior executives,
  • Work in HR and are uncertain how to enact change – especially when conventional diversity or anti-harassment methods don’t seem to deliver the desired results,
  • Are concerned that employees won’t report wrongdoing despite first in class whistleblowing channels and training,
  • Struggle to meet the aspirational targets in ensuring a safe, diverse and ethical organisation,

Or you have implemented programmes successfully and are keen to share your experience with others,

Then follow our work in Speak Up At Work. Stay posted for our public events by joining our mailing list, or better still, join like-minded change makers and thought leaders in the Speak Up Academy. There is subscription fee, but the value is immense as you:

  • join our virtual Cafes where you interact and exchange ideas with some brilliant minds in lively discussions ranging from racial diversity to addressing corruption to understanding safety leadership.
  • join talks with experts from around the world in areas on leadership, psychological safety, corruption, communications, industrial safety, ethics and other governance areas.
  • listen and speak to whistleblowers and survivors of harassment or discrimination as they share their stories.
  • form or join special interest groups as you explore solutions to problems you may have been struggling with for months or years.
  • access our member resourced library on various Speak Up topics.

Speak Up Academy from Speak Up Academy on Vimeo.

Speak Up Academy members hail from six continents coming from diverse industries and disciplines including Healthcare, Education, Oil & Gas, Technology, Finance and Law.

As a Leader

The tone from the top is a mantra you’ve heard until you’re probably quite fed up of it. Doing the right thing, upholding ethics and ensuring senior executives walk the talk in the way you do can be really exhausting.

This is why we’ve introduced safe spaces with Speak Up for leaders – whether through small support circles or our exclusive course Leading In Times of Uncertainty – where you can just be yourself, no judgment, no expectations (we have a rule – no person from the same organisation in a cohort).

Contact us here to learn more.

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