Gift a Course for People who are Harassed at Work


Defeat Harassment at Work is our brand new on-demand course on our Speak Up Discovery platform. 1 in 3 people have been harassed at work at some stage of their career – so if it hasn’t happened to you, you will know someone who has been bullied or harassed at work.

When you’re in it, it can be confusing and overwhelming. We designed the course to help people make sense of what is happening and provide tips and guides to plan how to resolve it, and get their lives back!

For the festive season, we are offering a special price: at £41 (under £50 with VAT). So buy it for yourself or someone who you care about.

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Defeat Harassment at Work – About the Course

Do you dread going into work because you feel bullied?

Are you exhausted with the constant belittling and micro-aggressions at work?

Do you survive each work day instead of thrive?

Chances are you are being harassed at work. You don’t deserve it, no matter what anyone says, and you certainly don’t have to endure it.

But how? Leaving your job may not be an option. You might even worry that reporting it might brand you as a troublemaker. Many keep their heads down and just put up with the harassment and bullying. Yet this impacts you mentally, emotionally and even physically.

If any of this resonates and you want the harassment to stop, sign up for Defeat Harassment At Work

In this course, we help you:

  1. Get Clear on what harassment is, whether what you are experiencing is harassment and the impact it has on your life.
  2. Hatch a plan as you learn various techniques and options from speaking to your harasser, finding allies and building your case.
  3. Move forward from confusion and paralysis to clear action.

At the end of this course, you will feel:

  • Relieved, knowing that you are not crazy or oversensitive and you realise this is not your fault.
  • Assured as you discover you are not alone, even in your own workplace!
  • Confident as you empower yourself on taking action, a first step towards regaining your career aspirations and your life.

How the course works

With over 2 hours of short videos and guides, go at your own pace. There’s a lot to absorb and we’ve helped you with reflection prompts along the way. Here’s a taster video: When Someone Tells you They’re Harassed

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