Harassment & Discrimination

Harassment can range from a series of micro-aggressions to outright abuse. The energy within teams and departments can be affected by the level of toxic behaviour of its members. If leaders display bullying behaviour, others will follow, causing a demotivated team – with attrition, high sick leave rates and low productivity. In 2019, a French court sentenced senior executives of a company to jail for enabling a work culture so toxic that several employees committed suicide.

While some employees may be problematic, a deeper dive reveals that workplace harassment can be caused by high pressure and the lack of management support. It could also due to beliefs and attitudes some employees may hold towards people who are “different” to them. This can manifest through sexist, racist, ableist and other forms of discriminatory behaviour which harms diverse workplaces.

Have a chat with us about your concerns about any toxic conduct at work and we can work together to resolve your issue.

We can:

  • Review and survey your current environment and existing policies and processes to assess the level of harassment and vulnerable areas.
  • Investigate and advise on harassment (individual and systemic).
  • Provide support for employees impacted by harassment or a toxic culture. 
  • Train executives to respond to harassment reports with a human centred approach. This is suitable for HR teams.  
  • Talks and workshops for employees and leaders. Our workshops focus on mindset change and are cognitive behaviour based.
  • Train the trainer, for organisations to run the workshops regularly themselves.


The Speak Up Academy

In the Speak Up Academy, we discuss Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination and provide interactive online courses. The Academy is a global community of change makers passionate about making workplaces safe. If you’d like any of our courses as part of your organisation’s internal training, let us know.

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