Massachusetts Disability Discrimination


After working in Massachusetts schools for over 20 years with only positive evaluations a superintendent, misrepresented then denied my request for a reasonable accommodation. I sent a letter correcting his misrepresentation that he said he received but after he failed to respond for more than a month, I filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) which found Probable Cause of disability discrimination. After this he bullied and harassed me, causing me to file another complaint with MCAD which again found Probable Cause supporting my complaint. Because the Superintendent refused to accept responsibility, the complaints went to a Hearing where I was denied witnesses and school lawyers made it look like I was the problem, so the Hearing Officer ignored MCADs 2 Probable Cause findings and dismissed my complaints! The dismissal with its libellous statements about me was posted online.

I have repeatedly requested its removal and been ignored .Incredibly, the Hearing Officer’s dismissal is based on the same misrepresentation of my request that led me to file in the first place- something uncovered by a Commissioner in a 2010 written order, that the Hearing Officer never read. So I appealed this libellous and unsupported dismissal to the Full Commission for Review, in 2014 and there are presently 12 cases ahead of mine.

I am retired and it’s been 10 YEARs since I filed the first complaint. Whoever thought that disability discrimination and harassment would be ignored in a Boston area town for more than a decade and that the Commonwealth after finding Probable Cause twice, would ignore the findings of their own investigations and punish the person who was victimized. Meanwhile the superintendent is still Superintendent in Holliston, a town which used to pride itself on its advocacy for people with disabilities.