Masterclass on Assessing Corruption Risk


“corruption is corrosive”

Grant Griffiths

As law enforcement efforts are being stepped up, including an ever-growing number of charges being brought against company directors and senior executives for bribery and corruption globally, Risk Assessments have emerged as a vital tool in helping protect against falling foul of the law.

Corruption Risk Assessments are an invaluable part of strong anti-corruption and bribery efforts and establish the basis for identifying and reporting an organisations’ vulnerable spots by providing early detection and quick action. This enables boards to get behind efforts to stamp out corruption and save millions. For corporate liability regimes, properly conducted risk assessments provide the assurance to prosecutors that an organisation is serious about addressing corruption.

The Speak Up Academy offers a virtual and interactive masterclass with experts Grant Griffiths and Animah Kosai. We explain risk assessment within a corruption context, and guide you on how to identify, assess and mitigate corruption risks for your organisation.


Who is Our Masterclass Designed for?

  • Directors
  • Senior Executives
  • People in Risk, Compliance, Audit and Legal functions
  • Managers in Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, HR, Sales and Business Development
  • Project Managers and Executives
  • Lawyers, Auditors and Financiers
  • Professionals advising on corporate crime and acquisitions

What you get from our Masterclass

  • Learn to prepare a comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Develop an understanding of how Corruption Risks fit within an organisation’s risk framework
  • Understand your obligations and responsibilities in fighting corruption and what you can do to address it in an organisation
  • Tools and templates to support your Corruption Risk Assessment
  • Feedback from your instructors and peers on the risk assessment you prepare between sessions
  • Membership of the Speak Up Academy in 2020

What our Masterclass covers

  • Why a well-designed approach to managing Corruption Risks is necessary
  • Principles of Risk Assessments
  • The approach for conducting effective Corruption Risk Assessments
  • Mapping risks with the compliance framework
  • Common high risk areas for corrupt activities
  • Risk Assessment in action where we guide participants in collaborating on a risk assessment:
  • Ownership of risks
  • Feedback on your Corruption Risk Assessment

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Day 1: 2 July 2020 at 7am BST, 8am CET, 10am UAE, 11.30am India, 2pm Malaysia/Singapore, 4pm Sydney

Duration: 3.5 hours

Presentation by instructors and Risk Assessment exercise

Day 2: 9 July 2020 same start time

Duration: 2 hours

Feedback on learners’ risk assessments.


USD499.99 + tax per person, payable via registration link

Class delivery

Classes are conducted via zoom for full engagement between instructors and learners. A microphone/earphones & webcam are required for full participation.

Masterclass Instructors

Grant Griffiths is an NED and executive with 25 years of leadership in global organisations including NYSE and FTSE listed companies in energy, manufacturing and technology, accountable for strategy, M&A, transformation, risk management and governance. He advises boards and C-suite executives in shaping the future of their enterprises by developing and implementing sustainable strategies with a focus on risk. He is an advisor to Speak Up and Global Crisis Management, and a director at Flexmind. He chairs the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Turkey Regional Group and is Deputy Chair of the IRM’s Energy, Oil & Gas & Renewables SIG. He is a member of the Institute of Directors.

Animah Kosai is founder of Speak Up At Work and co-founder of the Speak Up Academy. She was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1994 and practiced for 9 years specialising in projects and technology. Animah served as  corporate counsel in the oil and gas industry for 14 years playing a key role advising management and the board, and was responsible for corporate governance, compliance and legal matters. She implemented ethics and anti-bribery/corruption programmes including overseeing investigations. Animah speaks and writes on business ethics and corporate wrongdoing including corruption, fraud and harassment. Her articles have appeared in US based Anti-Corruption Digest, CSA’s Governance & Compliance magazine, CNN and Malaysian news sites She is based in London.

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