Implementing Change for Leaders

A healthy organisational culture is one where every person feels safe to raise issues of concern knowing that they will be heard. These issues could be about unsafe or unethical practices which pose a risk to an organisation’s reputation, business or operations.

Leaders at the board level and C-Suite typically welcome such issues at the outset so they can be nipped in the bud. Yet there are obstacles which could stem from power dynamics, culture or a middle management that hinders “bad news” from reaching the top. The board discovers a problem through the media by which time share price and reputation are impacted.

By this stage, leaders are aware of the problem. The question is how to fix it beyond box ticking so that harmful incidents don’t recur.

Leaders too,  yearn to speak up, but are often constrained. They may feel pressured to make decisions which they are uncomfortable with, especially in a tough economic environment.

At Speak Up we help your leaders reflect on their own authentic leadership as well as the culture of the organisation. The best policies, systems and training in the world on governance and compliance are ineffective if leaders fail to integrate them in what they say and do.

We can help you:

  • Identify and manage risks which can harm an organisation (specifically corruption, fraud, harassment and safety)
  • Assess your Speak Up Culture to determine whether there are any toxic spots which prevent critical information reaching the leaders and as a health check.
  • Support your leaders and change makers in strategising and implementing a healthy workplace culture free of harassment and harmful behaviours.
  • Communicate change across the organisation.
  • Change mindsets within your leadership, middle management and teams on areas such as ethics, and safe and inclusive work environments.
  • Support and motivate your key change-makers as they navigate the challenges of implementing organisational change, especially when there is resistance.
  • Drive authentic leadership which builds trust within your organisation as well as enhance your reputation.

How do we do this?

With our full array of experts, thought leaders and change makers from diverse industries, disciplines and regions across the world, we can offer solutions from a holistic view while zooming into your specific needs. We conduct:

  • Conversations and talks with your leadership.
  • Assessment tools and surveys on healthy/toxic work cultures and gap analysis
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Talks and workshops.
  • Sessions to design and co-create strategies and roadmaps in communicating, educating and sustaining a healthy workplace culture.
  • Support Circles and Mastermind Circles for leaders and change makers tailored for clients or through the Speak Up Academy.
  • Coaching for your leaders and change makers (individual and groups).

Download this pdf to understand more or share it with your key decision makers: Speak Up Culture and Toxicity for Leaders and HR

Our experts are worldwide, but with technology and easy interconnectivity, can be on hand to provide the solutions you need wherever you may be.

Does this seem lofty? Absolutely! But it is achievable once you understand where your organisation stands and what you would like to fix. We suggest you have a chat with us first to understand how this works in practice. Contact us here to set an appointment.