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Communicating in a Crisis: Calm Voices in the Covid Storm

What do you tell your anxious employees when the world is rocked by a pandemic? What happens if you punish employees who tell the world that you’re not protecting them? Crisis communications specialist Janitha Sukumaran’s message is about putting people first, and meaning it. Janitha is founder of PR agency, Rantau-Golin.

Recorded April, 2020 as the world began to lockdown.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up, BFM Radio

BFM Radio’s Freda Liu interviews Animah on why speaking up is important in organisations.

Recorded March 2018

Animah Kosai’s interview in ACHEiVE

Aseem Giri of ACHEiVE interviews Animah. Here she describes her background and how Speak up came into being.

Aseem’s description: “Animah Kosai studied law in both the UK and Malaysia. From an early age, she adopted a doctrine of advocating for social justice. After serving in a law firm and being in-house counsel for large oil & gas concerns, she decided to pursue her passion. In recent years she has become a strong advocate for whistleblowers, victims of sexual harassment and others who are marginalized based on following the right path.” 

Interviewed in May 2020 and published in July.


Speak Up on Safety

Safeguarding Employees in a Pandemic

Health and safety leadership experts Mary Darlington and Abdullah Embong discuss the Irish and Malaysian Covid-19 guidelines and practical protective steps for shops, restaurants, offices, manufacturing, construction and oil platforms; how workers can speak up if not protected; and the need to integrate compassion, hearts and minds especially among leaders.

Recorded April, 2020

Speak Up for Engineers (and safety!)

Empowering employees to raise ESG concerns in an industrial work place

Scott & Animah discuss “Empowering employees to raise environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) concerns in an industrial work place” in Bonfire Recruitment’s Engineering Ignition Podcast Series. We talk about Volkswagen’s Dieselgate, Fukushima Daichi and other industrial cases where speaking up can make a difference.


Speak Up on Sexual Harassment

Confronting Sexual Harassment While Working From Home

Sexual harassment isn’t just physical and can happen while you’re working from home. With expert on sexual harassment Betty Yeoh and lawyer Sian Stephens, we covered:

  • new harassment scenarios when working from home
  • what if you’re caught in an embarrassing situation during a zoom call?
  • the need to review policies to consider new ways of working
  • who can employees speak to if harassed?
  • how to build evidence
  • how job insecurity keeps employees silent about harassment

Sian Stephens practices employment, technology and corporate law at A City Law Firm in London. Betty Yeoh is a counsellor and speaks and trains on sexual harassment in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are unable to get support within your organisation, most countries have government or non-government organisational support. Here are a few:

Malaysia: AWAM – (60) 162284221
UK: Rights of Women, ACAS, Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Recorded May 2020

Sexual Harassment in Healthcare

Animah Kosai and Kernan Manion MD talk about sexual harassment a lot! One day they decided to record a conversation, specifically about sexual harassment within the healthcare industry.

Recorded March 2020

Know Your Rights: Sexual Harassment at the Office

It’s not new, it happens all too often, yet it’s hardly reported or discussed about. But recent high profile accounts from Silicon Valley have thrust the issue into the fore, revealing the scale and severity of a problem that persists in industries across the board. Animah Kosai talks us through identifying and responding to sexual harassment at the workplace.Recorded July 2017 

Speak Up Women

Animah on Speak Up with Women Making Change

In this episode, Ziada and Mary Ann talk with Animah Kosai about her work on Speaking Up in the workplace.

Recorded May 2020

She’s A Boss! 

Sham of She’s A Boss podcast series interviews Animah about speaking up as women and on workplace concerns.