Program Coordinator for Disability Resource Center


I was the Program Coordinator/Counselor/Learning Disability Specialist/School Psychologist for a Community College. My job per the Chancellor’s office was to keep up with all new court decisions, ensure compliance for the college and the students. Provide academic accommodation s per 504; ADAA, Title V, 508

New administration came in and all hell broke loose.

It started when at the request of the professors, I was asked to obtain anonymous opinion from Office of Civil Rights. Long story short, OCR referred to the professor as a ‘rogue’ professor and shit hit the fan. For 2 years they made my life, that of my staff, and my students a nightmare. Ultimately the new VP wrote me up for several things, but ultimately held me accountable for his bad evaluation. I got 10+ professionals to computerize their integrity.

I tried numerous times to file grievances, I was publicly humiliated, my job assignment was changed. I did not know this until I read a group email some 4 months later as I was out on medical. I survived the letter of reprimand and the remediation plan (ultimately they told me to continue doing what I was doing). However they wrote me up for it so it got very bad. Example- student just diagnosed with cancer- just had first chemo; professor refused to sign her accommodation form; professor also declined to give her additional time to make up her final exam (this happened during finals).

VP of Finance used state funds for her doctoral dissertation and told me to email out her doctoral questionnaire – this while I was on probation. They also misused state funds for over a decade. I reported to the Chancellor’s office the fraudulent signature on the year end report. I also have an affidavit from a person who used to work at the Chancellor’s office, in that he supports my claims and reports that someone forged my signature on the 2016 year end report.

I have it all documented ad nauseum, to the point of obsessive. I filed a workers comp – pending they are going to settle no fault; I filed with the California DFEH -Retaliation still waiting; I have an attorney willing to take my case for Whistle-blower, Retaliation, wrongful termination.

Other Categories are Fraud, Embezzlement, Retaliation. Office of Civil Rights violations for my students with disabilities; dismantling my department completely, leaving us understaffed deliberately.