Imagine a world where people could speak up without fear. People can speak up on corruption, on safety, on harassment, fully trusting that they will be heard and taken seriously.

We are not there yet. The corporate world is negotiating a evolutionary mindshift through #MeToo and public sentiment that goes beyond and above corporate governance rules. Companies may espouse values and tick all the compliances boxes, but face corporate scandals threatening their share value and reputation. It comes down to a Speak Up Culture and whether people feel safe to raise issues of concern.

In Speak Up, we help organisations diagnose, treat and sustain a Speak Up Culture which puts people first.

What We Do

Advise Organisations

We can advise organisations at any stage:

  • Diagnose: assessing the Speak Up Culture – how risks and concerns are raised to be resolved at an early stage
  • Treat: educating, investigating, advising on specific wrongdoing or toxic conduct that arises
  • Respond: supporting the organisation with a human focused response that honours and empowers employees


Fly in our SWAT Team

If an organisation is caught off guard with #MeToo, allegations of wrongdoing or suffers a safety incident, we quickly assemble a SWAT Team to deal with the immediate aftermath, investigate and design a long term remedial plan (UK and Malaysia only).

Human Focused Response

We analyse an organisation’s existing reporting channels from a reporter’s point of view and provide a premium response with our trained professionals in supporting people who have experienced sexual harassment, bullying or discrimination.

Conduct Talks and Workshops

We focus on meaningful behavioural change as we train people on sexual harassment, bullying, ethics and speaking up on wrongdoing.

Our talks are inspirationally focused as we provoke thought and much craved authenticity – particularly around ethics and doing the right thing.

The Speak Up Academy

Our global online learning and community platform to serve leaders and change makers including people in Compliance, Risk, Audit, Legal, HSE and HR.


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