Speak Up Academy

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When people are empowered to speak up at work, magic happens!

The Speak Up Academy is an online global community bringing together global thought leaders, experts and change makers from diverse industries and disciplines to create positive change within organisations in the areas of:

  • Authentic and courageous leadership, particularly in uncertain times
  • Ethics & compliance, corruption, fraud and other commercial corporate crimes
  • Safety including industrial safety, worker safety, patient safety and consumer safety
  • Workplace harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, and diversity and inclusivity
  • Human rights impacted by corporations, especially through the supply chain and the treatment of workers

In the Speak Up Academy we…

  • bring deeper awareness to wrongdoing and toxic culture
  • energise change makers in developing solutions for their own organisations
  • increase safe and thriving work environments around the world

Who is this for?

Anyone can be a Speak Up hero, or you might prefer the more corporate term, Change Maker. You could be an auditor, an engineer or a HR executive. If you want to make things better at work so people are happier and can raise concerns without fear, then join our community.

If you are already in a position of power – a board member, a CEO, the head of Legal or Risk… but feel exhausted playing hero, we can support you and help you sustain your energy and purpose.

If you share our vision of a world of work where people are safe, valued and empowered, come and learn with us.

What Speak Up Academy members enjoy

Engaging with the vibrant Speak Up community. Our thought leaders and experts around topics such as corruption, ethics, safety, harassment, and the latest ideas around leadership in an increasingly uncertain world.

Access to our exclusive Speak Up Spotlight live calls where members can interact with our featured Spotlight member or panel of thought leaders. See the publicly available recorded Spotlight sessions in our Speak Up Academy Showcase.

Explore an issue of interest with peers from around the world, by creating or joining groups to solve a specific problem. In July our members started a focus group on race, inspired by #BlackLivesMatter and following a Spotlight conversation.

Our weekly Speak Up Cafe live calls as we talk about any and all things Speak Up over a coffee. Listening to a story from a person from halfway around the world can really broaden our horizon.

Share your own Speak Up Story in a safe space supported by like minded members. There is power in reclaiming the narrative of your story and realising how others are inspired and feel I am not alone as they relate to your share.

If you want to test an idea and get feedback, float your idea through our Trial Balloon sessions. Right now some members are exploring theatre and experiential role play as training for ethics and reporting harassment.

Access to the Speak Up Library linking to relevant resources contributed by and for Speak Up Academy members.


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