Speak Up Academy

When people are empowered to speak up at work, magic happens!

The Speak Up Academy is an online global platform bringing together global thought leaders, experts and change makers from diverse industries and disciplines to create positive change within organisations in the areas of:

  • Authentic and courageous leadership, particularly in uncertain times
  • Ethics & compliance, corruption, fraud and other commercial corporate crimes
  • Safety including industrial safety, worker safety, patient safety and consumer safety
  • Workplace harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, and diversity and inclusivity
  • Human rights impacted by corporations, especially through the supply chain and the treatment of workers

Looking for Change Makers, Thought Leaders and… well, Corporate Heroes

We’d like to call ourselves superheroes battling corruption, danger and human abuse. We’ve swapped our capes for suits and spectacles. Our weapons? Our voices and digital devices as we penetrate boardrooms and the corporate stage.

Anyone can be a Speak Up hero, or you might prefer the more corporate term, Change Maker. You could be an auditor, an engineer or a HR executive. If you want to make things better at work so people are happier and can raise concerns without fear, then join our community.

If you are already in a position of power – a board member, a CEO, the head of Legal or Risk… but feel exhausted playing hero, we can support you and help you sustain your energy and purpose.

If you share our vision of a world of work where people are safe, valued and empowered, come and learn with us.

The Speak Up Academy brings together thought leaders & change makers to explore organisational culture so that we can…

  • bring deeper awareness to wrongdoing and toxic culture
  • energise change makers in developing solutions for their own organisations
  • increase safe and thriving work environments around the world

By joining the Speak Up Academy, you get to:

  • Engage with the vibrant Speak Up community – our thought leaders and experts around topics such as corruption, ethics, safety, harassment, and the latest ideas around leadership in an increasingly uncertain world
  • Access our exclusive Speak Up Spotlight live calls where you can interact with our featured Spotlight member or panel of thought leaders
  • Explore an issue that interests you more deeply with your peers from around the world, by creating or joining groups to solve a specific problem
  • Join our weekly Speak Up Cafe live calls as we talk about any and all things Speak Up over a coffee. Listening to a story from a person from halfway around the world can really broaden our horizon

  • Access to the Speak Up Library linking to relevant resources contributed by and for Speak Up Academy members
  • Enjoy discounts on our courses, circles and masterclasses (save for primer courses for general employees)

What we talk about

snapshots from the topics section of the Speak Up Academy

Beyond box ticking to understanding human behaviour when at work

We know how hard it is to get employees to just follow the rules. Having a “zero tolerance” for rule breaking can drive reporting underground because… who wants to snitch on a colleague?

In Speak Up Academy we go deeper. We discuss the Why. We want to understand the pressures that cause a person to break the rules. We want to understand the context and culture within which organisations operate that drive certain behaviours. We want to understand how a person’s attitudes and the society they live in, influences their ethical decision making and communication style.

Our experts in human behaviour and leadership work alongside topic experts (corruption, fraud, safety, harassment and risk) to deliver courses and talks for you. By engaging with our experts and fellow change makers, you will more confident as you implement positive change within your workplace. You’ll also learn more about yourself as a leader.

Our courses, circles & masterclasses

We want to make a real difference in supporting you as you apply what you have learnt from our courses. Our courses are designed to be practical for you to apply at work while you take the course. The live interaction with instructors and peers helps you get instant feedback. Even after your course ends, continued membership of Speak Up Academy means you can continue engaging with your cohort and other thought leaders to motivate you as you implement change within your organisation.

If you are interested in courses labeled Coming Soon, please enquire here.

Here’s a sample of our upcoming courses.

Assessing Corruption Risks

Corruption Risk Assessments are an invaluable part of strong anti-corruption and bribery efforts and establish the basis for identifying and reporting an organisation’s vulnerable spots by providing early detection and quick action. This enables boards to get behind efforts to stamp out corruption and save millions.

In this virtual and interactive masterclass, our experts, Grant Griffiths and Animah Kosai explain risk assessment within a corruption context, and guide you on how to identify, assess and mitigate corruption risks for your organisation.

Dates: 2 and 9 July 2020 (combined)

Learn more and register here.


Coming Soon

The Evolving Leaders Circle

Those who lead others in organisations – from CEOs and C-suite executives through middle management, supervisors and team leaders – grapple with an often conflicting internal dialog that necessarily accompanies leadership. Many outside of leadership may hold a view that leaders “always have the answers” and that their vision and reasoning processes are linear and clear. Of course, this creates false expectations, both in the followers and in the leaders themselves. This course is about naming that paradox and navigating the challenge that leaders face. It’s an opportunity within a safe space to remind each other of key principles of leadership and communication and to share the uncertainties and binds that one confronts in their role.

Emotional Intelligence

Kernan Manion MD a physician who specialised in adult psychiatry and trauma guides us through what goes on inside us as we make sense of the world around us. Vital for leaders and people who make decisions that impact their organisations, people and community.

Workplace Harassment

Organisations have a duty of care towards the people that work for them. This includes ensuring that employees feel safe at work, free from bullying, sexual harassment and any toxic behaviour by other colleagues and bosses. This course isn’t your typical harassment-free training but is designed to shift attitudes and behaviours, making it easier for change makers (such as HR) to implement dignity and respect type policies within your organisation.

Workplace Sexual Harassment for Change Makers

Organisations may have world class policies and training in place when it comes to sexual harassment, but often grapple with responding to sexual harassment grievances. Common complaints include victim blaming, not being believed, and even retaliation. This not only affects the survivor but ripples across the organisation causing in under-reporting of sexual harassment due to distrust.

In this interactive masterclass, we show how an organisation can respond to survivors with empathy while being fair to those accused.