Speak Up Women

We all know having more women on boards and in C-Suite makes business sense and we know too that many organisations find it challenging to get women there. From a Speak Up perspective, women are less likely to be heard compared to their male peers when it comes to critical decisions. Women are still often missing from the table!

At Speak Up, we want women to be as involved in decisions as much as men. We believe women bring incredible insight and a much needed energy to the corporate world. Our founders (including men!) have been on the forefront in shifting perspectives and modelling a new leadership – driven by listening and sensing into the underlying currents of organisations’ cultures. We cannot wait to see the sheer potential and possibilities once women within organisations tap into their inner talents and bring that out into the world.

If you too are excited, or perhaps worried about your diversity and inclusion numbers, reach out to us. Talk to us about women’s representation within your organisation and what barriers may be in place that stops them rising up the career ladder. Some barriers are obvious but many are subtle or invisible.

With our work in sexual harassment and bullying, and women’s empowerment, we understand too, how toxic cultures arise and can be eradicated. Even the safest companies can find pockets of toxicity in smaller teams. Toxic work cultures often hold women back. Any programme designed to increase women’s involvement does need to take the work culture into account to be truly effective (and of course the larger systemic and institutional barriers – but let’s do what we can).

We can help you craft a strategy to increase women’s involvement at higher levels and help you implement them through talks, workshops, leadership development and coaching.

While we can provide services virtually, we understand the power of physical presence and through our connections with Warrior Women, Leadwomen, Positive Planet, and the Feminine Power in Corporate network, can recommend a consultant who can work with you on the ground in your own country.

Read some of our pieces on women at work hereIf you would like to know more and have a conversation with us, contact us hereFor other services, such as advice on workplace sexual harassment and bullying, see here.