Supporting Compliance, Legal, Audit and Risk

Supporting Ethics & Compliance, Audit, Risk and Legal in Creating an Ethical and Speak Up & Reporting Culture

We know only too well how it feels for the dedicated compliance professional who is seeking to make change within their organisations.

Sometimes you face a wall of resistance. Management might turn you away saying there is not time for that extra training, sigh when you introduce “yet another process!” and may even view your team as being difficult when they are doing their job.

At worse, some units may find ways to bypass your team and procedures, in order to “get things done faster“. You are kept in the dark.

It’s frustrating – you have to pick your battles, when you know you can do so much more, if you were empowered and supported.

We support people in compliance roles by:

  1. Facilitating Speak Up Circles for People in Compliance, Legal, Risk, Audit, HSE and similar functions. A Speak Up Circle is a safe space for members to share their concerns, get feedback and support each other through breakdowns, breakthroughs and successes. As part of a Circle, you will realise you are not alone, keeping you motivated as you plough on at work.

2. Working alongside you in your organisation to help you:

  • Identify and manage risks which can harm an organisation (specifically corruption, fraud, harassment and safety).
  • Assess your Speak Up Culture to determine whether there are any toxic spots which prevent critical information reaching you and your leadership.
  • Support you as change makers and your leaders in strategising and implementing a healthy workplace culture free of harassment and harmful behaviours. • Communicate change across the organisation.
  • Change mindsets within your leadership, middle management and teams on areas such as ethics, and safe and inclusive work environments.
  • Support and motivate you and your key change-makers as they navigate the challenges of implementing organisational change, especially when there is resistance.
  • Drive authentic leadership which builds trust within your organisation as well as enhance your reputation.

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