If you’ve been hit by a scandal such as #MeToo, human rights violations in the supply chain, or the regulators are at your door alleging corruption or fraud, we bring in the experts to deal with the immediate fall-out.

With a difference.

We only work with clients who are willing to understand their mistakes and are open to change. Instead of the traditional “deny” approach, we advise openness, self reflection and accountability:

  • Enabling deeper causal analysis
  • Ensuring organisational commitment to change
  • Acknowledging and validating those who are impacted
  • Reducing public backlash.

We work closely with your decision makers and “emergency team” to ensure these values are reflected in strategy, decision making and execution. Our SWAT Team would be led by one of our core team and includes:

  • Lawyers (if you have your preferred firm, we can train lawyers undertaking investigations in terms of sensitisation and safeguarding)
  • PR Crisis Management
  • Experts for advisory and investigations in the areas of workplace bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, corruption, fraud, whistleblowing and retaliation.
  • Mental health professionals and coaches to support victims, co-workers and leaders who may need support due to the fall-out.

Note: Lawyers are available in the UK and Malaysia only currently. On site investigations may be subject to Covid-19 restrictions as our experts may only be available virtually.