The New Speak Up Circle Guide for Women Experiencing Sexual Harassment


You feel inspired by the #MeToo stories that women around the world are sharing. Suddenly you are not alone. What you have experienced and felt confused and hurt by may be something that your mother, your neighbour or your colleague has experienced. You never knew their story. They never knew your pain.

For too long, women worldwide have stayed silent, accepting sexual harassment as part of our lives.

There is power in speaking up. When we start sharing our stories collectively, we break the spell. Sharing your story and taking action empowers you.

You now know that sexual harassment is a big problem. Then comes the question:

What do I do next?

Let’s put an end to sexual harassment

But how?

What can I do to stop sexual harassment – at the workplace, in public?

You and your friends can make a difference through forming a circle. Your little circle creates small safe ripples to help your group. Many Circles make waves. Over time…. a Tsunami.

Extract from Speak Up Guide

Speak Up has prepared this guide for you to use in forming and leading a Speak Up Circle specifically in discussing sexual harassment.

Download your Speak Up Circle Guide and start your Circle!

Let us know!

We would love to hear your feedback – whether our guide worked for you. Let us know your journey. Send us an e-mail here.

Wait, what about the men?

Men get sexually harassed too and find it hard to talk about their experiences. For that reason, we are taking longer to develop a guide that can support men. If you’re a man and you have ideas on what would work in a men’s circle let us know. We know it can be really uncomfortable, yet we do want to support men in acknowledging that sexual harassment hurts them too.

How about sexual assault?

This goes much deeper and we advise professional support. Our guide is specifically for sexual harassment and is not designed to heal women who have experienced more severe forms of sexual violence. You can still share your story but bear in mind that your group are not professional therapists and are not able to offer the support you truly deserve.

Erm, actually I don’t Understand sexual harassment

You’re not alone! Many find it confusing. We have a definition in the guide. Plus we have loads of resources on various aspects of sexual harassment and are continuing to write and speak about it. Bookmark the page and check back on new resources!

Could you lead the Circle for us?

Extract from Speak Up Guide

The Guide is designed so that you can lead your own groups. You don’t need any training – other than empathy and the ability to listen. If you’re alone and you want to join a Circle online, then let us know and we can start a number of online circles. These would probably be facilitated by Animah Kosai, Betty Yeoh and some other experts, depending on timezones and availability. After a few sessions, we would love for you to pay it forward and offer to lead online circles for other women who may not be able to form groups of their own.

Speak Up Circle Guide