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Speak Up Academy is an online global community of thought leaders and change makers passionate about addressing toxic workplaces – specifically harassment, safety and corporate wrongdoing. We shine a spotlight on critical issues facing organisations through personal interviews and discussions with experts.


Workplace Harassment and Bullying

You Are Not Alone

Did you know average of one in three people have been bullied at work? This video shows how widespread harassment and bullying is around the world and across industries.

Speak Up Academy Spotlight with Sylvia Bruce

Sylvia Bruce who used to work in investment banking in London talks to Kernan Manion about how she kept her depression secret as her personal life fell apart. Then the harassment started at work…

Sylvia describes her own Hero’s Journey from victim to leader. She now advises on wellbeing in the workplace with Flexmind and as a founding member of the Speak Up Academy.

It’s Not OK!

Malaysian TV network, Astro Awani’s Melisa Idris speaks to Animah who shares how speaking up is critical in addressing workplace harassment in the face of wrongdoing like fraud, unsafe practices and sexual harassment. The interview was conducted on the sidelines of LeadWomen conference on workplace harassment, ‘It’s Not Okay’ in Kuala Lumpur in October 2019.


Sexual Harassment

Tea with Tehmina (Bernama TV, Malaysia): #MeToo – Risks & Retaliation

The ripple effect of women coming forward to publicly share their stories of sexual harassment and assault via social media continues, even in 2020. There’s been a recent groundswell of Malaysian survivors speaking up as well, however, these women face risks and retaliation, including victim blaming and revictimisation through online gender based violence, all for sharing their lived experiences.

Tehmina speaks to Angela M. Kuga Thas- Partner, Director of KRYSS Network and Emellia Shariff, Managing Partner, Speak Up Malaysia about the importance of women’s freedom of expression, safe digital spaces for survivors, the risks and challenges they face for speaking up and how we can all foster safer communities to protect survivors while awaiting appropriate means of redress through the legislation of the Sexual Harassment Bill.

Recorded on FB Live, 23 July 2020

Confronting Sexual Harassment at Work

Animah Kosai and Kernan Manion MD explore issues and approaches to sexual harassment in the workplace.

This was first recorded in November 2017 after Weinstein and Kevin Spacey’s allegations arose.


Race in the Workplace

Speak Up Academy Spotlight, Panel on Race

As the Black Lives Movement forces employers to go beyond diversity window dressing, 3 Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity thought leaders – Shana Tufail, Sylvia Bruce and Emellia Shariff share their insights. Hosted by Speak Up Academy co-founder, Kernan Manion MD.

Speak Up for Leaders

Leaders Listening

Animah Kosai in conversation with Lisa Barnwell in the Leadership Redesigned series.

Animah talks about the importance of listening as a key leadership trait. This is an element of Speak Up too. How can our people speak up on critical issues, if we don’t know how to listen in a way that makes them feel safe and valued?

The complete #LeadershipRedesigned Conference now contains over 20 hours of conversation with 37 CEO’s, COO’s & Champions of Change (29 women, 8 men, 14 BAME) across 12 countries and 5 generations with bonus conversations from Vanessa Vallely OBE CCMI, Mark Greene, Michael Kimmel and Caroline Nokes MP, and a powerfully transformational panel dedicated to the #BlackLivesMattermovement and the role of leaders in creating anti-racist workplaces. These 20 conversations including 4 panels are jam packed with wisdom, inspiration, honesty and practical shares from those who are leading the way in redesigning leadership; so it is fit for purpose in 2020 and beyond. Available at 

Risk Management: Risk in the Time of Corona

Risk management expert Grant Griffiths speaks to Animah Kosai about how businesses address and manage the uncertainty as Covid-19 hit and lockdowns began around the world.

This is a recording of a Speak Up Academy webinar held in March 2020.

Fraud and Corruption

Fraud In Lockdown

Animah Kosai interviews counter fraud expert, Neil Tyson. He talks about how organisations are more vulnerable to fraud during the Covid-19 lockdown and how to spot and address fraud.

How Fraud Impacts Safety: Breaking the Silence of Wrongdoing 

Global Ethics Solutions webinar where CEO Mark Putnam interviews Animah about the importance of speaking up, here specifically on fraud and Volkswagen’s Dieselgate. This was recorded in 2018.



Kernan Manion, co-founder of Speak Up Academy, shares his own whistleblowing story, as a physician. He speaks about the painful journey as a whistleblower and how he came through the other side determined to speak up and support other whistleblowers.

This is our first Speak Up Academy Spotlight session.