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Have you experienced or seen wrongdoing at work but feel afraid to raise it? Have you spoken up but faced retaliation? Speak Up is a platform which allows to share your story on a no-names basis. We want industry decision makers to become aware of the pressures and fears good employees like you face. This is a first step to addressing the wrongdoing within.

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It’s International Workplace Bullying Awareness Week! Here at Speak Up At Work, we are honoured to be part of the campaign to spread awareness, address and eradicate bullying at work. Victims of bullying often feel alone and don’t report because,

Harassment seems to be the buzz word in the UK media nowadays. If you weren’t convinced that harassment was a problem, BBC News is telling us otherwise. Here’s a sample of headlines in the past one week: “New advice issued

In Speak Up Academy, we host “Speak Up Voices”, where members can share their powerful stories of their own experiences of truth-speaking about wrongdoing in their organizations. These sessions are cathartic especially for people whose concerns were dismissed and even

Suspended from my job, for speaking against corruption in a seminar on the UN Anti-corruption day of 9th December.

I was the Program Coordinator/Counselor/Learning Disability Specialist/School Psychologist for a Community College. My job per the Chancellor’s office was to keep up with all new court decisions, ensure compliance for the college and the students. Provide academic accommodation s per

This might be a long one so bear with me. I worked for a recruitment company a few years ago which was owned by a brother and sister. There were a number of serious HR issues that went on that

“A single person with a clarity of conscience and a willingness to speak up can make a difference. Contributing to the greater good is a deep and fundamental human need. When a leader, even a mid-level or lower level leader,

Dear Line Manager, For the times you treated your full and part time staff differently, I forgive you. For the time you initiated a team discussion about the effects and risks of treating an increasing number of bariatric patients without

I worked for a large locally respected Hospice charity for almost 20yrs. At the time of raising my concern I had worked for the specialist outpatients service for over 10yrs, with the same team and line manager. (2 part timers

I was recently let go from a company that called their bonus program the “best in the industry”. For some project managers and executives, the bonus program was very financially rewarding. They were supported with a staff of employees and

After working in Massachusetts schools for over 20 years with only positive evaluations a superintendent, misrepresented then denied my request for a reasonable accommodation. I sent a letter correcting his misrepresentation that he said he received but after he failed

I just watched R Kelly interview by Gayle King of CBS I counted the number of times he played victim, shed tears, interrupted her, pointed his finger at her (as if accusing her), used aggressive body language, denied and sought