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Have you experienced or seen wrongdoing at work but feel afraid to raise it? Have you spoken up but faced retaliation? Speak Up is a platform which allows to share your story on a no-names basis. We want industry decision makers to become aware of the pressures and fears good employees like you face. This is a first step to addressing the wrongdoing within.

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Harassment seems to be the buzz word in the UK media nowadays. If you weren’t convinced that harassment was a problem, BBC News is telling us otherwise. Here’s a sample of headlines in the past one week: “New advice issued

Suspended from my job, for speaking against corruption in a seminar on the UN Anti-corruption day of 9th December.

I was the Program Coordinator/Counselor/Learning Disability Specialist/School Psychologist for a Community College. My job per the Chancellor’s office was to keep up with all new court decisions, ensure compliance for the college and the students. Provide academic accommodation s per

This might be a long one so bear with me. I worked for a recruitment company a few years ago which was owned by a brother and sister. There were a number of serious HR issues that went on that

Dear Line Manager, For the times you treated your full and part time staff differently, I forgive you. For the time you initiated a team discussion about the effects and risks of treating an increasing number of bariatric patients without

I worked for a large locally respected Hospice charity for almost 20yrs. At the time of raising my concern I had worked for the specialist outpatients service for over 10yrs, with the same team and line manager. (2 part timers

I was recently let go from a company that called their bonus program the “best in the industry”. For some project managers and executives, the bonus program was very financially rewarding. They were supported with a staff of employees and

After working in Massachusetts schools for over 20 years with only positive evaluations a superintendent, misrepresented then denied my request for a reasonable accommodation. I sent a letter correcting his misrepresentation that he said he received but after he failed

I just watched R Kelly interview by Gayle King of CBS I counted the number of times he played victim, shed tears, interrupted her, pointed his finger at her (as if accusing her), used aggressive body language, denied and sought

I was greeted by a male co-worker with: “Hey Sexy Girl!” I told him it was an inappropriate greeting and that he should say good morning instead. He replied that he just wanted to appreciate my looks. I told him:

In the good old days when many of us worked in offices, the office environment was a big part of our lives. Mornings getting ready for work could be stressful. Throw in some kids, other stressed adults, squeeze everyone into

“I am writing this open letter because I want people to understand what abuse feels like, from my point of view anyway.  I want people to know that you can’t “Just tell someone” I told and I want to make you aware